Range of reduced carbohydrate food preparations!

The concept

diabémix® is a range of preparations for making bread, biscuit and cake products

Dietetic …

All the foods that contain carbohydrates increase the amount of blood sugar in a different way, this is what is known as the Glycemic index (GI).   Thanks to its reduced sugar content compared to traditional white bread and its balanced content of proteins, fibres and fats, diabemix® bread has a low glycemic index, which gives it real nutritional importance. Some studies have shown that foods with a low GI may help to control the feeling of hunger, control weight and glycemia and increase endurance. (scientific sources)

And delicious

There's no need to deprive yourself, with diabémix®, dietetic means delicious! All the flavours of your usual bakery products are contained in diabémix® preparations, and they taste even more delicious! Your diabémix® gourmet bread contains a great new combination of surprising cereals: red quinoa, flax, soya and even chia grains! Originally from South America, chia grains were a food staple for the Aztecs! So diabemix® is a real dietetic friend, as delicious as good bread!


Our diabemix® preparations contain no additives or preservatives, and retain only nature's very best!

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