Range of reduced carbohydrate food preparations!


MILLBÄKER: designer of food mixes for use in baking, cakes and pastries.

The MILLBÄKER firm has its head office in Torcy-le-Petit, about thirty kilometres north of Troyes in the Aube department, in the heart of the Great Lakes and Orient Forest region of Champagne-Ardenne. Our business is to design and create food preparations for use by professionals in the baking world. These professionals then use all their skill in the creation of finished products (bread, pastries, cakes) using our preparations.

At the heart of our activity is our Baking Center. This is a real "baking laboratory" which develops new concepts, improves recipes, controls production and advises our customers! Our new products are also subject to consumer tests through sensorial analysis sessions, all of which with the aim of meeting your needs and expectations in the best possible way!

Our dietetic range also includes gluten-free references under the Stéa brand. Find out about them at www.stea-sans-gluten.com

Quality control

To guarantee the quality and safety, our preparations are made:

  • according to the HACCP method
  • without ionisation
  • with control over organoleptic and microbiological properties

For further information please do not hesitate to consult our website: www.millbaker.com

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